Microadventure #2 (February): Hedonic Calendaring 2018

Metier’s Local Government Innovation Award Video
  • Breathe — 5 rounds of Box Breathing (3 counts)
  • Fuel — 8oz. coffee with cinammon, Stevia, & creamer
  • Movement — N/A
  • Music — 2000s Hip Hop on Pandora
  • Kaizen — outlined note cards with Jordan for each section
  • Task — fill out the written portions of our Metier positions
  • Release — see the “flow” and “Stoke” sections.
  • Profiles = Deep Thinker macro & Hard Charger micro
  • Loci = self
  • Topical = mental
  • Triggers (10)= novelty, unpredictability (environmental); serious concentration, shared clear goals, good communication, familiarity, equal participation and skill level, close listening, & always say yes (social); creative (creative)
  1. Watched our kids play together in the basement (Emma, Cooper, Carter, & Brady).
  2. Brainstormed, problem-solved, and executed our applications.
  3. Discussed our celebratory get-together once our positions are made official.
  • A “21–30” means “Go!” you’re in the green: This experience made me come alive! It gave me a TON of flow, fun, and feeling!
  • A “11–20” means “Whoa!” you’re in the yellow: This experience wasn’t bad and a little fun, but it didn’t make me come alive.
  • A “0–10” means “No!” you’re in the red: This experience didn’t make me come alive at all: little to no focus, fun, or feeling.
Flow Genome Project’s flow triggers: Psychological, Environmental, Social, & Creative



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Kevin Votaw

Kevin Votaw


Flow Coach. Applying flow in school, sports, and life: ❌ Flow x Fiero ♦️North of Happy ⚾ The Pitching DJ 🧠