Does It Get You Into Flow Or Not?

We complicate things too often.

Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism and Effortless, has made quite a wave internationally by focusing on less, on ease.

In one of his recent posts on LinkedIn, he wrote:

Do fewer things. Do them better. You will be happier.

Could it really be that simple?

The better question is — why couldn’t it be that simple?

Derek Sivers is another truth-sharer in his decision-making process, following in the vein of Greg McKeown.

When encountering a choice, Derek either considers it a “Hell Yes!” or “Hell No!”

Let’s run the exercise in our own lives as McKeown and Sivers have done, but with flow.

I’ve been journaling on this concept quite a bit in my Morning Pages as I seek my own disciplined pursuit of less.

Looking back through your life, what have been the top 3–5 flow states you’ve had? What were you doing? Who were you with (if anyone)? What was the environment like? Be as specific as possible.

Start here. End here. Live here.

Though I’m not sure why something captures someone’s attention and gets them into flow versus something else, embrace the fact that not everything is flow-inducing for us.

Once you’ve identified those high-flow activities, ruthlessly construct your life out of them.

Don’t settle for average, for mediocre, for the ‘ok’.

We’re far too easily satisfied.

Instead, go all-in on the precious few things that make you come alive. The world needs more of you at your best.

We could even call this our A.M.E. (like ‘aim’):

  • Autotelic — for an end in itself
  • Minimalism — simple/less
  • Extreme — highest degree

Only doing that which gets us into flow (plus the positive psychology basics as a non-negotiable foundation) and removing the rest.

McKeown’s right. It’s not complicated.

Does it get you into flow or not?



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