Balancing the VUCA of Your Primary and Secondary Flow Activities

‘Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.” ~Thanos

One of the key activities from flow coaching is identifying your primary and secondary flow activities.

The primary activities are the ones you used to do as a kid and stopped doing as you got older — baseball, crafts, skiing, etc.

The secondary activities are the ones you do for work, for your career and calling.

When designing your Metier, the job and life you love and loves you back, it’s all about balancing the “VUCA” between the two:

  • uncertain
  • complex
  • ambiguous

On a timeline, plot out both your primary and secondary flow activities from zero VUCA to high VUCA.

If you’re work contains more, ease off in your play.

If you’re play is robust, make work more predictable, simple, viable.

The same concept applies to other areas of life too: what to eat, what to wear, what to do, where to go.

Yes, have areas of VUCA, they have triggers that drive flow.

But come back to the balance between the two to play the game that is life as long and as well as you can.



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Kevin Votaw

Flow Coach. Applying flow in school, sports, and life: ❌ Flow x Fiero ♦️North of Happy ⚾ The Pitching DJ 🧠